What are the best beaches near Buffalo, NY

Residents living or staying in Buffalo do not need to venture far and wide from the city to find sandy expanses and breathtaking sunsets. There is a series of beautiful beaches located along Lake Erie—a place that is less than an hour away from downtown Buffalo.

The beaches are known for being some of the region’s most popular summer hangouts. The sites are close to lakeside bars and restaurants that offer mouthwatering dishes you’ll likely never forget.

If you’re looking to spend a relaxing day under the sun, we’ve got you covered. We listed the six best beaches you should check out near Buffalo, New York.

Lake Erie Beaches

Angola on the Lake

This sandy stretch is a well-maintained beach that has its sands groomed regularly. It also houses two local favorites: Captain Kidds Restaurant and Mickey Rats Beach Club. The beach has several beach volleyball nets set up, making it a perfect go-to for people who like to play competitive sports on the sand.

Tourists are expected to pay the admission fee, which is between $5 to $10. It is also advised to bring extra cash for food and drinks.

Woodlawn Beach State Park

Another favorite in Western New York, Woodlawn Beach boasts one of the finest freshwater sand dunes in Lake Erie. The park offers visitors a stunning panoramic view of the lake and the most beautiful sunsets.

Woodlawn Beach has plenty of recreational activities for beachgoers, including picnicking, beach volleyball, and nature trails. It also features a bathhouse complex with exhibits that highlight the park’s history.

The park requires visitors to pay an admission fee of $8. The Woodlawn Beach State Park operates from dawn until dusk.

Bennet Beach

Bennet Beach is considered by many to have the smoothest sand in Erie County. The beach is an excellent spot for tourists who want to swim and catch some sun. The long trek from the parking lot to the sandy expanse gives visitors the feeling of tranquillity.

The beach typically sees fewer people than other places. Admission is free, but tourists are only allowed to swim between 11 AM until 7 PM.

Sunset Bay Beach

Sunset Bay was voted as the best beach in Western New York. It offers one of the cleanest beaches in the region. Tourists can enjoy two waterfront attractions — The Sunset Bay Beach Club and Cabana Sam’s Beach Bar and Grill.

The beach also hosts live music and dancing and features daily food and drink specials, all complete with breathtaking views. If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, consider visiting Sunset Bay.

Sunset Bay beach has an admission fee of $3. The beach operates from 10 AM to 6 PM. Lifeguards are on duty every day from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Lake Ontario Beaches

Olcott Beach

This admission-free beach is famous due to the vintage-themed amusement park located near it. The park lets children and adults take old-fashioned rides that offer a look into the 1920s. The theme park does not charge an admission fee. All rides cost only 25 cents.

Olcott Beach offers spectacular views of Lake Ontario. The beach is open from dawn till dusk. People who are planning a trip to Olcott Beach are advised to call ahead as water levels force the beach to close at times.

Wilson-Tuscarora State Park

Wilson-Tuscarora State Park has a beach with a significant amount of shade. The park is also known as a natural area for a wide variety of plants and wildlife across its 476 acres of woods, meadows, and marshlands.

Aside from bathing under the heat of the sun, tourists are also encouraged to try other activities, including hiking, boat riding, and cross-country skiing.

Wilson-Tuscarora State Park has a $7 admission fee and operates from 11 AM to 7 PM.


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