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Best restaurants for chicken wings in Buffalo, NY

If you’re planning on going to Buffalo, New York, then Buffalo Wings is definitely a dish you should be try. This delicious and savory food is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a good meal.

This finger-staining Super Bowl staple was invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York by Teresa Bellisimo. According to accounts, she discovered Buffalo wings when she combined a shipment of chicken wings with hot sauce and served them with a side of blue cheese and celery. The experiment was an instant hit.

Bellisimo’s son Dominic disputed the account. He said Bellisimo made the wings as an impromptu midnight snack. His mother had made them the wings to go along with their drinks.

A third version of the story involves a man named John Young who owned a restaurant called “Wings n’ Things.” His take on Buffalo wings involved coating the food in a special hot sauce.

Despite having three different accounts, Buffalo wings became a staple in bars and sporting events. The once regional staple quickly became a hit in restaurants and bars across the country and the world.

If you’re looking to try the best Buffalo wings in its hometown, we made a list of places you should check out.

Anchor Bar

The Anchor Bar is a historic restaurant in Buffalo, New York. Originally ran by the Bellisimo family, it was the first place to offer Buffalo Wings in 1964. The restaurant provides salad as a starter while you wait for the main dish, which is a bucket of 50 Buffalo Wings. The Anchor Bar is one of the most popular restaurants in Buffalo and later became a tourist destination because of its importance to the city’s history.

Anchor Bar is located at 1047 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14209.

Bar Bill Tavern

A longtime favorite, Bar Bill Tavern, offers not only great wings but a beef on weck, where you can watch a piece of meat being carved and enjoy good food all in one place. This tavern won two tournaments in 2017: the “Best Wings” and “Best Beef on Weck.”

The Bar Bill Tavern has limited space, so make sure to be there before the peak hours to enjoy the food and the environment. However, if you catch a long queue, you can have a drink or two at the nearby Aurora Brew Work or 189 Public House while waiting for available seats. Be sure to bring cash as the tavern only accepts direct payment.  And be careful- the wings can get extremely HOT!

Bar Bill Tavern is located at 185 Main St, East Aurora, NY 14052.

Duff’s Famous Wings

Duff’s Famous Wings is widely believed to offer the best Buffalo Wings in the city. The restaurant was once visited by high-profile individuals, including former U.S. President Barack Obama and Travel Channel.

In recent years, Duffs has made its name as the go-to tourist destination for Buffalo wings. Its fame has helped it expand across Western New York, with a store in nearly every area. Their locations offer crispy wings coated with an expansive selection of sauces of varying heat levels.

Visit Duff’s Famous Wings at 3651 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY 14226.

Nine Eleven Tavern

This small bar in South Buffalo regularly sees a full dining room and bar. Nine Eleven Tavern is famous for their “from scratch” sauce recipe that has garlic flakes and a sweet and tangy flavor. The restaurant only has one person cooking in their kitchen, so be prepared to wait for your plate.

If you’re planning to visit the Nine Eleven Tavern, make sure you take a trip to a nearby ATM as they only take cash.

Visit Nine Eleven Tavern at 11 Bloomfield Ave, Buffalo, NY 14220.

Judi’s Lounge

The Cajun wings at Judi’s Lounge is considered a local favorite. Their wings are coated with a combination of dry rub and wing sauce that goes perfectly well with the classic Gin Mill. The Lounge also has a counter dedicated to Quick Draw tickets.

Judi’s Lounge is located at 2057 Military Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304.


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